Local Artist William Dalziel~ at the Wine Bistro

Have you ever wanted to be a little bit of a celebrity? Hang out long enough at the bistro and you just might catch the eye of local portrait artist William Dalziel.


If you love grandiose elephants you’ll delight in Bill’s ‘Elephants With Attitude’ series on our enclosed patio.
Our Newest addition for sale titled ‘That’s Close Enough’ 3′X 6′


Intriguing portraits of locals line the wall in our bar and it’s great fun to try and recognize folks you’ve seen before.


Peruse our portrait wall and see if you recognize anyone…







There’s always something interesting going on at the Wine Bistro.


Join Us for Easter Brunch This Year ~ It’s sure to be a wonderful day!


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Ernesto’s favorite is the Blackberry Mojito ~ The Bistro Margarita is a popular second

Enjoy our beautiful patio and bar anytime while sipping something sublime, add some Truffled Fries and a friendly companion and make some new memories… Come join us!

It’s Official ~ Chef Victor Brings You THE BEST


Mouthwatering Food comes naturally to our beloved Chef Victor Carranza. Chef hails from the colorful capitol of our neighboring ally, Mexico City. He began cooking as a young man because one must work and kitchens are the most exciting place to do work. It has certainly been exciting in our Bistro kitchen these days! Packed houses grace most weekends, and they’re all coming for the food.


Our Famously Delicious Osso Buco


Victor has been making delicious food come to life in local kitchens for over twenty five years. In 2005 he opened a little Italian jewel in downtown Santa Barbara called Tiramisu which got great reviews and a loyal following as well as earning him the title Entrepenuer of the Year. Chef took on a position in the Piatti Kitchen when they opened their upper village location where he continued to build a loyal clientele with his savory flavor combinations and attention to detail.


Chef took over our kitchen with his excellent team and high standards at a turning point in our development. Locals and visitors alike have caught on that we have worked hard to become The Best.



Chef Victor Carranza loves to bring Italian cuisine to life and we thank him for it. His favorite meal to eat and prepare is Osso Buco ~ keep your eye out for it on our specials board, it is DIVINE.

New on the Menu ~ Chanterelle Risotto


Chef Victor has done it again with this juxtaposition of sweet corn and creamy risotto, fresh spinach and the lovely chanterelle.
This pleasantly aromatic fleshy wild mushroom shines like an exotic golden flower when seen from a distance against the drab autumn forest background. Also known as “golden chanterelle” and “egg mushroom,” it has a magical appeal for most culinary experts in Europe, United States, and Asia. But all chanterelles are not alike. European and Asian forms are usually about the size of a thumb. In the eastern United States they are the size of a fist. But, ah, in the west they can be as large as two hand spans–from little finger to little finger. Chanterelles weighing as much as two pounds are not uncommon. Chef’s slicing block shines with beauties from Oregon’s rainy clime.


Chanterelles will reappear in the same places year after year if carefully harvested so as not to disturb the ground in which the mycelium (the vegetative part of the mushroom) grows. There are yearly variations–some years more mushrooms, some less. They fruit from September to February on the West Coast and almost all summer in the east, sometimes coming up in several flushes. We think of them as promiscuous in their plant relationships, because we have found their mycelial threads intertwined with the roots of hardwood trees, conifers, shrubs, and bushes. They enjoy deep, old leaf litter. Chanterelles are seldom invaded by insects. And forest animals do not share our interest in them as food.

Come try Chef Victor’s sublime creation of Chanterelles with Arborio rice, asparagus, corn, spinach and freshly shaved parmesan ~ you’ll be addicted

Sea Bass al Brodo and Lafond Chardonnay by the creek ~ come experience perfection

It’s beautiful on the creek patio these days, if you’ve never tried Chef Victor’s gorgeous Sea Bass al Brodo, perfectly cooked Sea Bass with mussels, shrimp, creamy potato and a divine sauce then you’re in for a treat…


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Pizza from our Woodburning oven ~ there’s nothing better



Alvaro at the Pizza Oven


Our most popular pizza ~ Given’s Farm Autumn Squash

Good Things Lately at the Wine Bistro

Chef Victor has a great team at the Wine Bistro ready to make your meal a pleasure ~ Everytime

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