Rose Moradian on Chinese Brocoli

Rose Moradian writes about Chinese Brocoli:
Although it is not widely available in Western markets, Chinese broccoli is quite versatile and is very common in Asia. A member of the mustard family, this handsome vegetable can be prepared much as you might prepare broccoli, although it looks more like kale. The flavor is a bit stronger than Western broccoli—peppery and pungent in the aftertaste.

It’s delicious—and most typical—in a stir-fry, but also makes a tasty addition to a fresh salad. This is entirely different than the Italian Broccoli Raab, which I have tried with little success. The average Spring/ Summer temperature at the La Fond Vineyard is perfect for Chinese Broccoli. There are at least five different hybrids and we will grow much of this versatile vegetable. “Green Lance” is the variety we are growing at the La Fond this season.”Green Lance” hybrid has thick stems with white flowers and green stalks.

The stem, leaves and buds are edible. I’ve had four harvests from this crop so far and have at least three left. Chinese Broccoli is used in stir-fries with meat, chicken or prawns or in soups with noodles, mushrooms, pork, seafood or chicken. There are many varieties of Chinese Broccoli, as the Chinese have been doing this much longer than I. “Te You” is one of the best selling Chinese kale/broccoli open pollinated varieties on the market. The dark green leaves are smooth with long thick stems.

The stems of this vegetable are considered the best part of the vegetable. This variety is heat tolerant and can withstand cool temperatures as well. Young thick stems and leaves are crispy and flavorful. “Te You” is delicious when blanched, then stir-fried with garlic then dressed with oyster sauce. Chinese Broccoli is loaded with anti inflammatory amino acids, vitamin C and is in the Brassica family, which includes regular Broccoli and Cauliflower, both of which we grow.

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  • Hi Rose!

    Good info, I have been trying to recall which type I liked best and your article reminded me.

    Keep up the good work.



  • Hi Rose,

    Very interesting! My housemate loves Raab, I’ll turn her
    onto Chinese Broc. I love your blog~


  • Yaaay. Now I’ve got something to read while I’m munching my veggies!!


  • Rose,

    Thanks for your great introduction to such luscious and unusual veggies, and what the heck to do with them!



  • Hi Rose,

    Wow, you write so well! I’ve read a couple of your past blog entries and it occurred to me that you might want to expand this into a book. Very interesting.

  • Sounds good. I’d like to try some.


  • Hi Rose
    Thanks for sending me the info on the Chinese Brocoli. You are such a good writer and I like it!!!!!!! Take care.

  • Rose…..I loved the blog, but now I want to know where can I buy the plant to plant in my garden, and where can I purchase it for cooking? Judi Keppler

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