Fontina Val d’Aosta Cheese

Joanie Hudson writes in Winery & Vineyard:

Another yummy sandwich featured on the Pierre Lafond Bistro’s Thursday night Grilled Cheese menu is Fontina pressed between two slices of artisan sourdough bread with prosciutto. The suggested wine pairing is Pinot Noir, but I would also say you could go with our off-dry Riesling.

Fontina is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk of which there are many variations produced throughout the world. Originally and famously it is produced in the Alps, specifically in Italy’s Aosta Valley (Val d’Aosta) bordering France and Switzerland. Additional areas of production include other parts of Italy as well as Denmark, Sweden, and France. Its creamy texture morphs with age – softer in its youth and progressively firmer as it matures. The 45% milkfat content lends to its buttery richness.

Like Gruyere, Fontina cheese melts well and is great for grilled panini sandwiches and fondue. The peasized holes scattered throughout the cheese are a classic characteristic as well as its earthy and nutty flavors, both of which become more prominent with age. The color is reminiscent of the sun beating on straw and along with its mild fruitiness there is a sweet hint of honey that is left to linger…”

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