Sunday with the Vintner – Ampelos Cellars

Sunday, March 14, 3-5pm

From the Ampelos website:

ampelos is a Greek word meaning “vine”. We believe that all great wines are made in the vineyard, we also have strong ties to Greece, so “ampelos” truly represents our focus.

Our website contains information about our vineyard, wines and the beautiful Sta. Rita Hills area in which we live and where we are realizing our life dreams. We’ve included photos of our vineyard and ranch, our winemaking, events with family, friends and colleagues and a peek into our little corner of wine country to give you an idea about our lives, our passion for wine and the area and ourselves. It all starts in the vineyard, so to get an idea of our zeal for creating a perfect environment for winegrowing, watch a short video shot early this year. We invite you to become a part of our adventure!

We believe in taking care of and respecting the environment and that our vineyard needs to be in balance, therefore a few years ago we made the decision to go 100% bio-dynamic. This means we are essentially organic – yet a step beyond. In 2008, we were one of the first vineyards to be certified as Sustainably Farmed, a milestone of which we are particularly proud.Take a look at our philosophy section under our vines.

Our vineyards and winery are managed in a very intensive, hands-on way, which we believe is the only way to make great wine.


The Ampelos Family


Local winemakers present wines accompanied with cheese and bread.
Guests can purchase wine.. if you stay for dinner, free corkage for purchased wine.
Pierre Lafond Wine Bistro is dedicated to highlighting a wide variety of local wineries. Pierre Lafond started Santa Barbara Winery in 1962, the oldest winery in Santa Barbara.

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